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Breast Augmentation Preparation and Recovery

After you have scheduled your breast augmentation surgery, please follow these guidelines.  Please note: these are only general guidelines. Your surgeon knows your medical history and will tailor your surgical plan to meet your individual health needs. Always follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully and call him or her if you have any questions or run into any problems before or after your surgery.

2-3 Weeks Before Your Surgery


  1. Do NOT take aspirin or any anti-inflammatory drugs/NSAIDS, such as ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin or Alleve. These medications are blood thinners and can cause complications during and after surgery.  Please make sure you have informed your surgeon of every medication and supplement you have ingested within the last few months. For a complete and printable list of medications and supplements to avoid before and after surgery, click here.
  2. If you are taking anti-depressants, please tell your surgeon because he or she will need to adjust your anesthesia dosage accordingly. To avoid complications during surgery, it is very important that you tell your doctor about any anti-depressants that you are currently taking or have recently taken. For a complete and printable list of medications and supplements to avoid before and after surgery, click here.
  3. Please disclose ALL vitamins, supplements and herbs that you have ingested within the last few months to your surgeon.  This includes diet pills and fat loss supplements. Vitamins, supplements and herbs can be very dangerous during and after surgery and should be avoided at least 3 weeks before and after surgery. In particular, DO NOT take Vitamin E, St. John’s Wort, Ginseng, Ma Huang (aka Ephedra), or Echinacea at least 3 weeks before surgery. For a complete and printable list of medications and supplements to avoid before and after surgery, click here.
  4. If you smoke, stop smoking at least 2 weeks before your surgery. It is preferable that you stop smoking at least 2 months before your scheduled surgery. Do not smoke during your recovery as that could delay the healing process.
  5. Any prescription drugs that you will need after your surgery should be filled during this 2-3 week period before your surgery.
  6. Prepare your home for your recovery. A few tips: Have your house already cleaned; have oversized, clean clothes that open in the front readily available; trash should be taken out; ice packs/heating pads available; healthy foods pre- prepared and frozen; bills paid; books, movies, pillows available; internet access available, cell phone charged, and important phone numbers and medications easily available.  Place any items that you may need in your house at hip level so you won’t need to reach up or bend over for anything after your surgery. Consider making arrangements for your parents or in-laws to watch your children or pets during your recovery if possible. The most important thing is for you to relax.

The Day Before Your Surgery

  1. Make arrangements for a relative or friend to drive you home after your surgery. Make sure your escort (friend or relative) has the address where your surgery is taking place, correct directions and information about parking if needed. Tell your escort that will have an extra copy of your Post-Operative Instructions for him/her to pick up and read.
  2. Make arrangements for your escort to stay with you for 24-72 hours after your surgery.
  3. The day before your surgery, DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight. If your surgery is in the afternoon, ask your surgeon what or when you may eat before your surgery.
  4. Since it will be difficult to raise your hands above your head after surgery, if you wish to wash your hair, do it the night before your surgery.

The Day of Your Surgery:

Do Not:

  • DO NOT wear tight fitting undergarments, pantyhose or girdles, to surgery.  Instead, wear clean, loose fitting clothes that open in the front and can be easily slipped back on after surgery.  Sweat pants and oversized shirts are ideal. Wear slip on shoes as well.
  • DO NOT bring jewelry or valuables to surgery.
  • DO NOT wear make-up or perfume the day of surgery.
  • DO NOT plan to drive yourself home, or travel home without an escort.
  • DO NOT plan to spend the night alone.
  • Do:

  • DO re-read the Patient Information Package provided.
  • DO shower with anti-bacterial soap the morning of your surgery. Wash your breasts and under your arms thoroughly. Do not apply any moisturizers, deodorant, talcum powder or other products afterwards. Do not use hairspray or perfume.
  • DO call us if you develop a cold, sore throat, fever or other illness before surgery.
  • DO brush your teeth but do not swallow any water if your surgery is in the morning.
  • DO bring a case for contact lenses. It may be easier to just wear your glasses after surgery.
  • DO bring all medications prescribed.
  • DO have an adult take you home and spend the night with you after surgery.
  • DO call for special anesthesia instructions if your surgery is in the afternoon.
  • DO fill out the Personal Information Sheet provided and leave it in the office so we can contact your escort.
  • DO take home specific post-operative instructions for your surgery.
  • Immediately After Surgery—Your recovery

    Please note: These are general recovery guidelines and will vary depending upon the type of breast augmentation surgery you have and your medical history.  Always follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully and call him or her if you have any questions or run into any problems before or after your surgery.

  • Be prepared to rest in bed for the first 48 hours after surgery.  Drink plenty of fluids, and begin to eat lightly.  Any sensation of nausea should pass by the morning after your surgery. Your surgeon may instruct you to keep your breasts iced for the first 48 hours. You may sleep on your back or on your side, but do not sleep on your stomach for 4 weeks.
  • Do not take aspirin or any anti-inflammatory drugs/NSAIDS, such as ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin or Alleve during your recovery. These medications are blood thinners and can cause complications after surgery. In addition, do not take any vitamins, supplements or herbal supplements during recovery, unless your surgeon instructs you to do so. For a complete and printable list of medications and supplements to avoid before and after surgery, click here.
  • MEDICATIONS: Take the antibiotics and pain medication your surgeon prescribed according to the pharmacy instructions. Don’t take pain medication on an empty stomach, as it may cause nausea and vomiting. You do not have to take the pain medicine if you are not in pain, but you must take all of your antibiotics. The period of greatest discomfort usually does not last more than 12 to 14 hours. Do not drive while taking pain medication.
  • CALL YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE: A) severe pain not responding to pain medication; B) substantially more swelling and/or pain on one side than the other; or C) a chest wrap that seems too tight.  Don’t take chances! Call immediately if you have any questions or concerns about your recovery. During office hours, or after hours, call 1(800)788-1416.
  • Driving: You should not drive for at least a week or more after surgery and should NEVER drive while taking pain medications. Please note: speak to your surgeon about when it is safe for you to start driving again because he or she knows your medical history.
  • Activity restrictions: Do not raise your arms above your shoulders for 2 weeks and DO NOT carry anything heavy such as weights, bags or packages for 4 weeks. Your surgeon will monitor your recovery and will let you know when you can resume your usual physical activities.
  • POST-OPERATIVE APPOINTMENTS: Make sure you keep all poster-operative appointments. It is very important that your surgeon is able to see you and monitor your recovery.

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